Women Tell All Preview

It’s been a very big week for people named Pete Weber. Our Peter, of Pilot, facial puncture, and poor judgement fame managed to screw up his future prospects with the girl of his dreams because he couldn’t keep it in his pants for two nights in Australia when Madison specifically asked him to. The otherContinue reading “Women Tell All Preview”

Bachelor Week 8 Preview Fantasy Suites

One of my most loyal and fervent readers asked me earlier this week if I had ever experienced writer’s block in the production of this here blog. My response was measured, but the sentiments behind it were impassioned and heart-felt: “Do you think Michelangelo had painter’s block whilst painting the Sistine Chapel? Do you thinkContinue reading “Bachelor Week 8 Preview Fantasy Suites”

Bachelor Week 5 Preview

Nothing is a more compelling wake-up call than your parents getting you a step-counting, goal-setting, fitness watch for Christmas. This shiny little wrist wrap does a number of cool things: It tells the time worse than my phone does, it allows me to set step goals for the day and buzzes when I achieve themContinue reading “Bachelor Week 5 Preview”

Bachelor Week 4 Preview

This week has been nothing short of historic. You’re probably thinking I speak in reference to “the shot heard round the world” in the World Indoor Bowls Championships on Wednesday; or the Guinness World Record for most individual milkshakes on a single menu being broken; but no. I am speaking about the first time inContinue reading “Bachelor Week 4 Preview”

Bachelor Week 3 Preview

It’s not often that the producers of The Bachelor are compared to the architects of early twentieth century Middle Eastern territorial accords; however, the more I think about it, the more I cannot help but notice the startling parallels that exist between said producers and the eponymous creators of the infamous 1916 Sykes Picot agreement.Continue reading “Bachelor Week 3 Preview”

Bachelor Week 2 Preview

It’s not often that The Bachelor is compared to an ebullient provincial French stew… In fact, this might be the first time. Regardless, as the week has progressed and the time removed from the mayhem of Monday night has increased, I find the comparison rather suitable, if not idéal. Julia Child fondly referred to BeefContinue reading “Bachelor Week 2 Preview”

Bachelor Season 24 Preview

It’s not even 3PM this fine Monday and it’s already shaping up to be a tough week… I was uncharacteristically bright-eyed and bushy-tailed strolling into work this morning and completed my assigned tasks in record time (thus exposing my normal productivity as a shadow of my untapped potential); my gambling performance last week can politelyContinue reading “Bachelor Season 24 Preview”